9 Reason Why Cat6 Bare Copper Cable is Better than CCA

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Cat6 bare copper and CCA cables are one anothers’ arch enemies. Everyone who is buying the Cat6 ethernet cables will have to choose between either one of them. Some people would go with the CCA Cat6 cables because of their cost-effectiveness. And some would simply purchase the promise of Cat6 bare copper cable’s better performance.  In any case, both cables have their pros and cons but the bare copper or pure copper cable has more reasons to be crowned the better one of the two.

We present to you 13 reasons why the Cat6 pure copper bulk ethernet cable is better than its CCA counterpart. Let’s dive right into it and be sure to read till the end.

In a Nutshell

The major difference between the two cables is the conductor. Cat6 CCA comes with copper-clad aluminum conductors whereas the bare copper cable, as the name implies, comes with 100% pure copper conductors.

1. Bare Copper Cat6 is Safe

Well, who wouldn’t want safer ethernet cables? Cat6 cable with bare copper conductors is a safe solution because it does not overheat in ethernet applications. This is particularly true for PoE, PoE+/++ applications that utilize high voltages. In such applications, the cable is perfectly safe to use as opposed to Cat6 CCA cables which are not recommended for high-voltage use.

2. Better Signal Integrity

Pure copper conductors of the Cat6 cable are the best conductors on the market and offer excellent signal integrity. With this cable, you will no longer suffer unknown signal interruptions and your connections will be flawless.

3. Easy to Install

Not only is the bulk Cat6 pure copper a good conductor, but it is also easy to install. Its malleability, ductility, and features of flexibility offer easy installation. No need to drain all your energy. You can run this cable through all sorts of environments with minimum effort.

4. Low Crosstalk 

Crosstalk is another term for electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is caused when signals from one pair of conductors enter and interfere with the signal transmission in another pair. In pure copper Cat6 cables, it is quite low as compared to CCA Cables. Never underestimate the importance of low crosstalk. Data transfer speeds and signal quality suffer a lot because of higher EMIs.

5. Higher Efficiency

When you send your data packets across on a bare copper Cat6 cable, they are not lost. They will reach their destination which will significantly improve your connection speed. The higher efficiency of the pure copper 1000ft category 6 cable is responsible for this specification.

6. Cat6 Pure Copper is Cost-effective 

Pure copper Cat6 will cost you more than its CCA counterpart at first. However, in the long run, the bare copper cable will hold well and will perform impeccably. This will cut down your costs on maintenance and possible replacements. In fact, CCA cables turn out to be more expensive in long-term use. Not to mention the ever-present fire safety hazard it comes with.

7. Easy to Terminate

You might think running the cable is all about installation. Actually, terminating the cable is just as important as running it. It takes skill and hard work to terminate the cables for an entire LAN network. Pure copper Cat6, because of its ductility, is easier and smooth to untwist and then terminate in RJ45 connectors, keystone jacks, patch panels, etc. You will need minimum effort to untwist the conductor pairs, align them as per EIA/TIA wiring schemes, and finally terminate them.

8. Long-Lasting

Bare copper conductors of the bulk Cat6 cable are highly resistant to corrosion and other environmental extremities. It holds pretty well in harsh weather conditions as well. You can rest assured that it will not wear out quickly. In fact, bare copper ethernet cables last up to a minimum of 10 years. So you can get them once and use them forever.

9. Minimum Attenuation

Attenuation in ethernet cables is the lag in speed. It is caused due to various reasons but poor conductor materials are one of the major reasons. Bare copper conductors of the bulk category 6 cable are designed to be effective against attenuation. Your connection speed will not lag which is also due to the tightly twisted conductor pairs of the cable.

Final Words

In short, the Cat6 plenum bare copper cable has more pros to offer than its counterpart – the Cat6 CCA cable. Using this cable will mean you will not only be getting the best value for your money, but you will also have a high-performing and everlasting ethernet cable.

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