8 CA Foundation Study Tips to Pass the Exam in the First Attempt

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CA Foundation Study Tips: Chartered Accountancy is the most preferred course by Commerce students. CA Foundation is the initial stage of the CA Course. However, to be a chartered accountant in India, students must first pass the CA Foundation exam. However, many students fail to pass the exam. Further, the students can register for the CA Foundation course after the 12th.

So, in the article below, we will see the study tips for the CA Foundation exam to pass the first attempt. Also, we will first see the details for the CA Foundation course.

CA Foundation Course

The CA Foundation course consists of four subjects. A minimum of 40% in each subject and 50% overall is required for students to pass the CA Foundation exam. The four papers of the CA Foundation course are:

  • Paper 1: Accounting
  • Paper 2: Business Laws 
  • Paper 3: Quantitative Aptitude
  • Paper 4: Business Economics 

Now, let’s have a look at CA Foundation Study tips.

CA Foundation Study Tips

As said above, passing the CA Foundation Exam is very easy; you just have to follow the right way of studying. Further, remember that success does not lie in results; it lies in effort. Therefore, being the best is not necessary; doing the best is essential.

1. Planning

Planning is essential before starting your studies. If you don’t plan your studies properly, you will not be able to complete the course until the last day of the exam. However, the student must plan so that before exams, your three-time revision must be complete. Further, making the plan is not the thing; it is about executing the plan.

2. Understanding the Concepts

While studying for the exams, you must understand the concepts instead of learning them. Learning is something you will forget until the exam, but understanding something means you will never forget. However, understanding things means you can write them in your language.

3. Take Short breaks in Between

Taking small and short breaks while studying is essential. If you are studying continuously for a long time, it becomes boring, and you lose interest in studying. However, it is suggested that the students take at least a 5-minute break after each topic or chapter. Therefore, this leads to increasing your efficiency.

4. Set Goals

The students must set their daily goals, like which subject they will study the whole day and how long the topic should take. Setting targets and achieving them is a step to Success. However, the student must set achievable targets.

5. Stay Away from Gadgets

Mobile phone your friend, who becomes your enemy during exam time. One should avoid using the mobile phone and social media while preparing for exams. However, it is suggested that the mobile should not be used during short breaks. Because what happens is you start using your phone to scroll reels and forget about the time.

6. Prepare Your Own Notes

The students must prepare handwritten notes while understanding the concept. Making your notes will aid in your revision during the exam period. After scheduling your notes, you must study twice or thrice. So, during the exam days, there is no need to study the entire chapter. Therefore, just study the notes and go ahead.

7. Take Proper Diet and Sleep

It’s critical to take care of your health because being sick wastes your five to six days. For proper health, you need to eat an appropriate diet. Avoid eating junk food and unhealthy items. Moreover, take adequate sleep for 6-7 hours so that you won’t feel lazy while studying.
Further, the students should exercise daily to avoid laziness.

8. Practice Mock Test Papers

The last tip suggested to the students is that they must practice the mock test series as much as possible. The mock test series helps you manage your time and speed, and you will know what type of questions ICAI will ask in the exam. However, one should learn to manage the time during exams while taking mock tests.


The eight study strategies to ace the CA Foundation Exam on your first try were covered in the article above. Thus, no one can prevent the student from succeeding in a rank in the CA Foundation if he pays close attention to these instructions. Visit CA Wizard if you want to learn more about CA. It is an online platform for CA aspirants. Here, you will find all the updates related to CA.

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