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8 Unique Places To Use Custom Embroidered Velcro Patches

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If you are hunting for fun ways to display your artwork for your team, club, or brand, or only because you love tiny little emblems of creativity in your life, then you have clicked on the perfect link. 

We have some breath-taking ideas that will surely add some much-needed pizzazz to your outfits. Are you up for it? Awesome!

The grand idea is to use embroidered Velcro patches to showcase your artwork. These add-ons are undoubtedly the best way to add innovativeness to your accessories and clothes. Hell yeah!

Read the information given below to come up with eight unexpected places to use embroidered Velcro patches. By getting familiar with them, you can easily bring some artistic vision to your life in a stylish and fun way!

So, dive right in!

Display Your Velcro Patches Creatively | 8 Unique Places To Attach Them

Personalize Your Sports Team Outerwear

When discussing places to use embroidered Velcro patches, why not discuss the best place first? That is right! We are talking about tailoring your very own unique merchandise for your most cherished sports team! If you ever find off-the-shelf too conventional for your liking, then what is stopping you from creating your very own statement piece?

The only limit here is your imagination. You can take a simple denim jacket (or any apparel that needs some oomph) and add multiple sorts of Velcro patches. No matter if you are a maximalist or minimalist, you can add tiny or large patches to your outerwear for a chic and sophisticated look.

Hat And Cap Emblems

Hmm! Adding these add-ons might not be the most unique idea. However, we can say for sure that it is one of the most creative ways to tart up a simple and boring hat or cap with a fancy patch. Quick Tip? When choosing an emblem for your caps or hats, opt for a size that is neither too large (or else it will be obscured) nor too small (otherwise, it will go unnoticed). Velcro patches make it easy to attach the same patch on various headwear. So, if you have got many hats and caps, then don’t worry! These add-ons can be attached and re-attached as many times as you want. The best part is that you won’t have to compromise on their durability.

Tart Up Plain Clothes

Quite trouble-free than screen printing and definitely a lot easier than tie and dye, we have got the custom embroidered patches! For blazers and tees, you can add your own custom designs. Similarly, for denim or leather jeans, feel free to break all the rules of uses for embroidered emblems and go off the walls by attaching patches wherever you want to.

For shirts, consider sticking them to the front only. However, for pants patch trends, you can attach them to the front pocket or near the hem. But these are only ideas; you can attach these tiny add-ons wherever you like.

Craft Your Phone Case Décor

We are sure that you jumped on the bandwagon by trying custom stickers and phone cases to add some zing to your phone. You have, haven’t you? Well, have you tried “patching” your phone case? No? Come on, chum! You are missing out big time! Let us assure you that embroidered Velcro patches go hand-in-hand perfectly with simple phone cases. Believe us or not, it is one of the most hassle-free ways to use them Velcro patches.

All you have to do is slip a patch between a transparent silicon phone case and your phone. Et voila! You are all set to become the trendsetter of the trendiest phone case. Yippee! Quick Tip? When selecting patches to craft your phone case décor, the key is to opt for laser-cut edges. Unlike the merrowed edge add-ons (that have defined edges), a laser-cut emblem will be even and thin. Thus, it won’t make your phone case jut out.

Attach To A Greeting Card

Okay, so the cliché greeting you thought would look minimal is giving maximalist vibes? Whoops! But hold on! Do you know that custom embroidered velcro name patches are a creative and fun way to make your greeting cards more fascinating? That is spot on!

The best part of such cards, as one of the unexpected uses for Velcro patches, is that they can be cut out and saved as a memento, even if the card gets ruined or too old. In this way, your loved one will always have these patches to remind them of you! Great! Isn’t this what you wanted? We bet!

Add As Shoe Charms

Speaking of unexpected ways to use these add-ons, how can we leave shoes behind? Using Velcro patches as shoe charms is one of the most innovative ways to amp up your outfit. Besides, there is absolutely no reason not to consider your shoes as a blank canvas and unravel your inner artist by decorating them with patches. However, there are some things that you must keep in mind while designing your shoes. Let us look at them closely, shall we?

  1. Do not overdo your shoes by attaching way too many patches to them. A single add-on or two will look more refined and sophisticated than too many of them. Duh!
  2. Keep in mind that shoes get dirty, particularly near their base. So, adding your patches to any area away from the base is going to make them look fresh and clean for a long time.

Use On All Kinds Of Bags

Wallets, cross-body bags, tote bags, gym bags, handbags, and much more – custom Velcro patches go well with all sorts of bags. Truth be told, Velcro emblems make it quite a child’s play to add some jazz to your handbags.

For instance, you can use them on your day-to-day tote bags. Moreover, you can sew them up on your synthetic leather, genuine leather, or similar material bags for extra durability. This is not all; you can also spruce up your child’s school bag to make them the avant-garde in their school.

Make Embroidered Keychains

We mean, come on! Who does not love custom keychains? Spoiler Alert – No one! That is right! The best part about DIY keychains is that you can carry them anywhere, EVERYWHERE! So, if you are head over heels for a certain character, support your most cherished NFL team, or display your support for a cause, then surely an embroidered keychain is your perfect bet.

Opt for a bold and bright design for your custom keychain Velcro patch. Since these add-ons are tiny, you will require fancy artwork that stands out. Velcro patches work particularly well for keychains. Can’t trust us? Well, give these custom keychains a shot and see for yourself!

Summing It All Up!

By reading the information provided above, one thing is clear! That is – these embroidered Velcro patches can be used on any boring item to add some much-needed oomph factor to it. How convenient! The best part is that they are cost-effective and can be re-attached to different items without you having to compromise on their durability. Awe-struck!

So, why are you still here? Go ahead and order some fancy patches for your accessories and clothes right now! We know there must be a lot of items that need a re-vamp. So, start straight away, and your lifeless stuff will look ravishing in no time. That is great!

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