Best Lighting Stores Sydney: A Sydney Spotlight

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Looking to brighten up your space in Sydney? Look only as far as the best lighting stores Sydney has to offer. Whether you’re searching for unique finds, high-tech illumination, vintage vibes, sustainable solutions, luxury lighting, custom creations, or budget-friendly options, there’s a Best Lighting Stores Sydney that will meet your needs. Join us as we explore the top lighting stores in Sydney and discover the perfect lighting solution for your home or office. Let’s shine a spotlight on the best lighting stores Sydney has to offer.

Discovering Unique Finds At the Design Hunter

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Paddington, The Design Hunter stands out as a beacon for those in pursuit of lighting that doubles as art. This premier destination caters to a diverse clientele, offering an array of designer lighting pieces that are as unique as they are striking. Walking through the doors, you’re greeted with a world where each lighting piece tells its own story, ranging from sleek, modern designs that embody minimalism to eclectic, artistic fixtures that challenge traditional aesthetics.

The selection at The Design Hunter is meticulously curated, ensuring that regardless of your style preference, you’ll discover something that not only illuminates your space but also enhances its overall design ethos. For the discerning homeowner seeking a statement chandelier that commands attention or the minimalist looking for a floor lamp that blends form and function seamlessly, The Design Hunter delivers.

This store doesn’t just sell lighting; it sells pieces that serve as focal points, transforming rooms and creating ambience. With a visit to The Design Hunter, your search for the extraordinary in lighting design is not only met but exceeded, leaving you inspired and your spaces beautifully lit.

High-Tech Illumination with LED World

For the fans of cutting-edge lighting technologies, LED World emerges as the pinnacle of high-tech illumination options. This innovative showroom specializes in the latest LED lighting solutions, pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency and sleek design. At LED World, patrons can explore an extensive collection that effortlessly merges aesthetic appeal with technological prowess. The store boasts a comprehensive range of products, from avant-garde smart lighting systems that can be controlled with the mere touch of a smartphone to futuristic light fixtures that embody the essence of modern living.

LED World is dedicated to offering solutions that not only cater to the aesthetic needs of its customers but also address environmental concerns. Each product in their lineup is designed to provide maximum illumination while minimizing energy consumption, making them a perfect choice for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on quality or design. Whether it’s illuminating a cozy living space with ambient lighting or outfitting an entire office with efficient, bright LEDs, LED World has the expertise and products to bring any vision to life.

The showroom also prides itself on its team of lighting experts who are available to guide customers through the selection process, ensuring they find the perfect LED solution for their space. From planning to installation, the staff at LED World are equipped to provide comprehensive support, making the transition to energy-efficient lighting seamless and straightforward. For individuals and businesses alike aiming to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in lighting technology, LED World stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in Sydney’s lighting scene.

Vintage Vibes at Doug Up on Bourke

Discover Vintage Lighting Treasures

Step into the past with a visit to Doug up on Bourke, a treasure trove of vintage lighting in the heart of Alexandria. This distinct shop captivates with its unique assembly of vintage and industrial lighting pieces that promise to infuse any space with character and nostalgic warmth.

Timeless Designs from Bygone Eras

The collection at Doug Up on Bourke is a testament to the timeless beauty of designs from bygone eras, featuring everything from classic mid-century modern table lamps to rustic industrial pendant lights salvaged from old factories and warehouses.

Handpicked Pieces with History

Each piece in the store is handpicked for its history, design, and ability to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home or office. The eclectic range includes not just lighting but also an assortment of vintage furniture and decor that complements the lighting selections perfectly.

Unveiling New and Old Treasures

It’s a place where each visit unveils new and old treasures, offering the ideal solution for those looking to add a touch of vintage flair to their modern spaces.

A Journey Back in Time

Doug up on Bourke is more than just a store; it’s a journey back in time, allowing customers to discover the charm and elegance of vintage lighting. The shop’s dedication to preserving and repurposing lighting fixtures ensures that every item has a story to tell, making your lighting choice not only a decorative feature but also a conversation starter.

Unparalleled Shopping Experience

For lovers of all things vintage, Doug up on Bourke provides an unparalleled shopping experience, blending history with style in the vibrant heart of Sydney.

Top of Form

Sustainable Solutions at Eco Lighting Supplies

In the heart of Sydney, Eco Lighting Supplies stands as a pioneer for those committed to an eco-conscious lifestyle, offering a broad selection of lighting options that prioritize both environmental responsibility and aesthetic appeal. This innovative store is dedicated to helping customers make sustainable choices without sacrificing the beauty of their spaces. Whether you’re in the market for energy-saving LED fixtures, solar-powered lights for outdoor areas, or lighting options made from recycled materials, Eco Lighting Supplies has a solution that aligns with your values.

Their range extends beyond just functionality; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where every choice contributes to a greener planet. The expert staff at Eco Lighting Supplies is passionate about educating customers on the benefits of choosing eco-friendly lighting, from the long-term savings on electricity bills to the positive impact on the environment. They offer a variety of products that suit any design preference, ensuring that eco-conscious decisions are accessible to all. By choosing Eco Lighting Supplies, you’re not just lighting up a room; you’re also lighting the way to a more sustainable future. Whether outfitting a home or a business, their collection provides an opportunity to make a significant difference, one light at a time.

Luxury Lighting at Euroluce

Nestling in the chic suburb of Waterloo, Euroluce symbolizes the pinnacle of luxury in Sydney’s lighting scene. This esteemed showroom serves as a sanctuary for those with a penchant for luxury, presenting an exquisite collection of lighting fixtures from internationally acclaimed designers. Each piece in the collection has been chosen for its ability to transform spaces with a blend of elegance and contemporary design. From dazzling crystal chandeliers that act as the centerpiece of a room to sleek, sophisticated pendant lights that add a touch of modernity, Euroluce ensures that every customer finds something that not only lights up their space but also elevates it to a realm of unparalleled luxury.

Euroluce’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its product range. The showroom offers personalized consultation services, where their team of experts works closely with clients to select lighting that complements their decor and lifestyle, ensuring a bespoke lighting experience. This commitment to providing tailored solutions exemplifies Euroluce’s dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of those in search of luxury lighting. For connoisseurs of fine design, Euroluce stands as a beacon of inspiration, offering a curated selection that is both avant-garde and timeless.

Custom Creations at About Space

Custom Lighting Creations at About Space

For those who have a precise vision for their lighting scheme, About Space stands as a creative hub in Sydney, offering unparalleled custom lighting solutions.

Crafting Bespoke Lighting Pieces

This innovative store thrives on bringing individual ideas to light, providing customers the opportunity to craft bespoke lighting pieces that reflect their personal style and space requirements.

Collaborative Design Process

With an eye for detail and a passion for creativity, the team at About Space works collaboratively with clients, engaging in a detailed consultation process to ensure the final product is not just a light fixture but a piece of personalized art.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether it’s tailoring the size, colour, or material of a lamp to fit a specific decor theme or constructing a unique installation for a commercial project, About Space has the expertise and resources to fulfil any request.

Preferred Choice for Design Professionals

The store’s commitment to custom solutions makes it a favourite among interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike who seek to make a distinctive statement through lighting.

Transform Your Vision into Reality

Embrace the chance to step beyond the ordinary and explore the possibilities of custom lighting with About Space. Here, your vision is not only welcomed, it’s transformed into illuminating realities that perfectly blend with your living or working environment, elevating the aesthetic and ambience of any room.

Budget-Friendly Finds at Beacon Lighting Showrooms Sydney

Navigating the world of stylish yet affordable Lighting Showrooms Sydney is made easy with Beacon Lighting. Known for its commitment to offering a variety of lighting solutions that cater to all budgets, Beacon Lighting has become a preferred choice for those looking to enhance their space without overspending.

With its numerous locations spread throughout Sydney, shoppers have convenient access to an extensive range of lighting options. Here, the emphasis is on value, ensuring customers don’t have to compromise on quality or design to stick to their budget. From sleek and contemporary ceiling lights that add a modern touch to any room to cozy table lamps perfect for reading nooks or bedside tables, Beacon Lighting’s selection is both comprehensive and accessible.

The store also regularly offers sales and promotions, providing even more opportunities for savings. For anyone seeking to illuminate their home or office without stretching their finances, Beacon Lighting stands as a beacon of affordability, variety, and convenience in Sydney’s lighting retail landscape.


Embarking on a journey through Sydney’s finest lighting stores uncovers a world where design, technology, and sustainability converge to create spaces that dazzle and delight. From the artistic allure at The Design Hunter to the cutting-edge innovations at LED World, the charm of yesteryears at Doug up on Bourke, the green revolution at Eco Lighting Supplies, the epitome of luxury at Euroluce, the personalized brilliance at About Space, to the value-driven selections at Beacon Lighting, Sydney offers a kaleidoscope of lighting solutions.


Q: Where can I find the Best Lighting Stores Sydney?

A: Sydney boasts a diverse range of top-tier lighting stores catering to various tastes and needs. Notable mentions include The Design Hunter for unique and artistic designs, LED World for cutting-edge technology, Doug up on Bourke for vintage enthusiasts, Eco Lighting Supplies for those prioritizing sustainability, Euroluce for luxury seekers, About Space for custom creations, and Beacon Lighting for budget-conscious shoppers.

Q: Do these stores offer diverse lighting styles and options?

A: Absolutely. Each store specializes in different styles and categories of lighting. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, minimalist, vintage, luxurious, eco-friendly, or custom lighting solutions, these stores provide an extensive selection to match any interior design theme.

Q: Can I find affordable lighting in these stores without compromising on quality or design?

A: Yes, stores like Beacon Lighting are known for their affordable pricing, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice quality or design for cost. Additionally, many of these stores run sales and promotions, making high-quality lighting accessible at various price points.

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