Bioprocess Containers Market Global Forecasts

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According to a new report by MarketsandMarkets, the global bioprocess containers market size is projected to reach USD 9.6 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.3% during the forecast period. Bioprocess containers like bags and accessories are single-use disposable containers used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Their rapid adoption is driven by the growing biologics market, increasing affordability and sustainability of single-use technologies, and rising biopharmaceutical research and development (R&D).

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The report identifies key growth drivers for the bioprocess containers market, including the expanding biologics market, especially for monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, cell and gene therapies personalized medicines. The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented demand for vaccines and increased usage of single-use bioreactors and their consumables. Single-use systems have advantages like faster production, higher flexibility, and lower costs. Additionally, the upcoming patent expiry of top biologics worth over USD 67 billion by 2020 is encouraging players to shift to more affordable production methods like single-use bioprocessing using containers and bags.

Among product types, 2D bioprocess containers held the largest market share of XX% in 2020. These flexible plastic bags have wide applications in cell harvesting and bulk transportation. By application, containers used in upstream bioprocesses like cell culture accounted for the largest share due to high usage in critical steps like fermentation. Based on end-users, bioprocess containers worth USD XX billion were used by biopharma companies in 2020, driven by growing demand for biosimilars and innovative biologics. North America had the largest regional market, aided by the well-established biopharmaceuticals industry.

The bioprocess containers industry does face some restraints like the risk of extractables and leachables contaminating products and issues around the disposal of non-recyclable plastic waste. However, lucrative opportunities exist, especially in Asia Pacific and emerging markets, with positive government policies and rapid growth in biomanufacturing infrastructure. The key players in the global bioprocess containers market include Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Danaher Corporation and Merck Millipore. Market leaders are investing in new production facilities, acquisitions, and partnerships to expand their global footprint.

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Overall, the rising biopharmaceutical pipeline, advancements in flexible container technology using novel polymers and films, and the shift towards continuous manufacturing are expected to drive significant growth in the bioprocess containers market over the next five years. MarketsandMarkets forecasts the market to reach nearly USD 10 billion by 2026, indicating promising opportunities for manufacturers, biopharma companies, research laboratories and other stakeholders in this ecosystem. Companies can leverage this research to identify high-growth application areas and end-markets to target for strategic investments and capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for bioprocess containers.

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