Boosting Human Capabilities with Augmented Intelligence

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The business landscape has been transformed by over 75% in the past few years with the help of numerous technologies. One such marvel is augmented intelligence, which has emerged as a potent ally for human users, enhancing business capabilities by up to 60%. This technology represents a synergy between human expertise and machine learning (ML), redefining how human intelligence approaches problem-solving, decision-making, and innovation. Studies show that businesses utilizing augmented intelligence have seen a 50% increase in efficiency and a 40% improvement in decision-making accuracy. However, amidst all the insights, it is essential to understand that augmented intelligence is not a solution that can be operated independently. It requires human oversight and intervention to help carefully orchestrate ethical considerations and ensure alignment with human values and ideals.

In today’s AI Tech Park article, we will explore the boundless potential of augmented intelligence in reshaping the future of business.

Real-World Business Scope of Augmented Intelligence

Till now, we have understood that augmented intelligence is the next thing that companies should implement in their businesses to kickstart a creative yet partially autonomous journey. Therefore, we bring you some key areas where augmented intelligence can have a significant impact:

Retail and Manufacturer Industry

The retail industry has witnessed a change in customer tastes post-COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting their logistical and supply chain structures. Therefore, retailers utilize augmented intelligence to analyze customer preference, purchase history, and browsing human behavior to deliver personalized product recommendations that not only enhance their shopping experience but also drive more sales and foster customer loyalty. On the other hand, the manufacturing industry has faced challenges such as supply chain disruptions, a massive drop in worker supply, and raw material shortages due to the pandemic and recession. Therefore, to curb these issues, B2B manufacturers rely on augmented intelligence that aids in data collection from sensors and IoT devices, which eventually helps them understand the production capacities of the production lines, the shipping times, warehousing space availability, and scheduling time for the workers.

Healthcare Industry

With the rise in patient personalization and medical and drug experiments, healthcare providers are leveraging augmented intelligence to analyze the largest amount of medical data and predict and diagnose diseases more accurately and efficiently. With the help of augmented analytics, hospitals and medical institutes can optimize their business operations by researching key metrics such as the duration of stay and the bed occupancy rate.

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