Condensation on the roof window – what now?

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You’ve probably noticed it, especially after a cold night: As usual, you take a look through your skylight in the morning and small drops have formed, especially at the bottom edge and in the corners. Condensation has formed on your skylight. This does not mean that your windows have defects. They are simply very well insulated by Roof Repair NYC. However, you still have to do something about condensation, as it can result in mold infestation in living spaces.

How does condensation form on the roof window?

Condensation, also known as condensation, forms when moist yet warm air hits a colder surface. The air cools down and can therefore no longer absorb water as well. The result: it collects as a film, especially on cold, smooth surfaces such as windows or mirrors. This is why condensate is often called condensation water in everyday use.

In principle, this air phenomenon is completely normal, but it occurs much more often in homes today than before. The reason is simple: the houses and the roof windows or windows are generally much better insulated than before. While older houses still tend to feel “like pike soup”, the same can no longer be said of new buildings or modernized houses.

What is good for your heating and energy balance on the one hand, however, has an impact on your indoor climate. Because if everything is perfectly thermally insulated and the air can no longer circulate on its own, condensation forms on the windows. The greater the temperature difference between inside and outside, the more condensation forms. Therefore, this effect often occurs in winter or after hot showers in the bathroom or cooking. Above all Skylightare increasingly affected by condensation. Since they are installed at an angle by Rubber Roof Contractors NYC, the condensate can collect on them even better when the warm air rises.

Mold formation as a result of condensation on windows

The condensate itself is not harmful to health. However, it can lead to health problems – namely mold growth in rooms and even mold on skylights . If the air is permanently too humid, it is a real paradise for mold spores. They then multiply on wooden frames, silicone and later also on damp walls. If you notice mold growth on your roof windows, you should act immediately! Wet windows are one thing, wet walls are something completely different!

The mold can also permanently destroy the building structure. In addition, those affected by mold infestation often suffer from allergies and shortness of breath. To avoid this, condensation on windows should always be wiped off. You can remove small, existing traces of mold with a mold cleaner. In the case of a large-scale infestation, only a specialist like Masonry Contractors NYC can help. Empire Gen Construction USA INC roof windows are also pre-treated with an anti-fungal impregnation. One thing above all helps to prevent this from being used in the first place: proper ventilation!

How to avoid skylight condensation

To prevent condensation from forming, you should ventilate all rooms regularly. Only the so-called shock ventilation counts! Tilted windows do not have the same effect. Even windows that are tilted all day in winter do not contribute to a healthy indoor climate. On the contrary, the rooms only cool down. You should therefore ventilate your apartment completely several times a day and ensure there is a draft. Five minutes is enough to exchange the old, stale air for fresh air without the apartment cooling down. Under the roof, shock ventilation is even recommended every two hours during critical times. Cross-ventilation is particularly efficient: opening two windows on opposite sides of the house.

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