Creative Ways to Make Planters for Your Home or Office

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Do you also think that store-bought planters are expensive? Have you ever thought of crafting your planters at low costs using common materials you likely already have on hand? No?

Well, homemade planters allow you to design containers tailored specifically to your style and needs. They also allow you to repurpose items that might otherwise be thrown away. Best of all, making your planters is a fun, DIY project you can enjoy while spending time with friends or family. 

1. Upcycle Containers

One of the most straightforward ways to make planters is to upcycle items you already have around the house that can function as containers. Old buckets, baskets, ceramic bowls, wooden boxes, terra cotta pots – any vessel that has a drainage hole can house plants. Before planting, clean and prepare the container. Then you simply add soil and your chosen plants. Upcycled containers make for very budget-friendly planters.

2. Cement Planters

For a sturdy planter that will last for many years, try making cement planters. You will need a cement mix, fiberglass mesh rolls, and molds. First, line your molds with the fiberglass mesh. Then, mix the cement according to the package directions and pour the wet cement into the molds. Allow to cure fully before planting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the molds you use to give your planters unique shapes.

3. Mason Jar Planters

Mason jars make adorable miniature planters that are suitable for windowsills and desktops. Start with clean mason jars with tight-sealing lids. Use a drill bit to make drainage holes in the jar bottoms. Add potting soil and your miniature plant. For added decor, consider hot gluing moss, stones, or twine around the exterior of the jars before planting. The glass allows for viewing root growth.

4. Repurposed Furniture

Old furniture like cabinets, shelves, and trays can find new life as planters by filling them with potting soil. Make drainage holes in the bottoms as needed. Arrange your planted pots artfully on the furniture pieces. Plastic saucers under the pots will protect surfaces from water damage. A few houseplants from your local florists in East Lansing MI and repurposed furniture planters will add greenery while reusing items stylishly.

5. Terra Cotta Floor Planters

For large floor planters, terra cotta pots or containers work beautifully. Consider repurposing existing terra cotta objects that can function as planters, such as old chimney pots, amphorae, or planter box dividers. You also can find affordable options at nurseries, East Lansing florists, and home stores. You can then select the size that suits your space. Now prepare the container with drainage holes and soil before planting. You can then arrange with multiple plants or a small tree for maximum impact.

6. Painted Buckets

5-gallon plastic buckets, when prepared and painted beautifully, make lovely planters that will stand out. First, wash and dry buckets thoroughly. Sand lightly to prepare paintable surfaces. Prime and paint buckets with outdoor paint in your color choice. Consider stenciling or adding decorative touches. Line-painted buckets with plastic buckets to maintain water tightness and then, just drill drainage holes and fill them with soil before planting. 

7. Wooden Planter Boxes

Like cement planters, wooden boxes can be built to last with some carpentry skills. Acquire wood boards or pallets to assemble into box shapes. Consider pre-made wood planter boxes as an easier option. For drainage, line box bottoms with landscape fabric and fill with gravel before adding soil. Customize box designs by painting, staining, or adding unique hardware for hanging or wall-mounting. Herbs, vegetables, and flowers will thrive in the breathing room of wooden boxes.

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