Exploring the 10 Drawbacks of ChatGPT for Homework Assistance: A Student Perspective

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Recently after emergence of AI especially ChatGPT developed by OpenAI in November 2022, has been used in the fields of education globally. From an unknown source, the highest percentage of users in Chatbot is around (15.22%) residing in the United States only. Seeing this popularity and familiarity of use it had reduced the human thinking ability. So, it has raised a question mark when it comes to the usage of Chatbot in the Online Homework Help. So let this blog discuss the drawbacks of the use of ChatGPT. 

Just A Simple Story To Make Our Students More Aware!

Before going into more detail let’s take a few storylines here from this blog “Think twice before using ChatGPT for help with homework” published in Science News explores in 16th Feb 2023 by Kathryn Hulick, he stated that “ once a teacher named Brett Vogelsinger, a 9th Grade English teacher in Doylestown, Pa has given a topic to his students and he realized that his student had not written this piece rather than he has generated from the new artificial intelligence (AI) tool.  So, to read his story … more about what implications or challenges the student might face you have to read it from the source provided above to get more depth ….

This is not the story of one student, it is the story of all who are using ChatGPT as their Online Homework Help. This same blog also claims that this new AI tool can give you exactly what a person writes- but still, it makes many mistakes. 

Here Are 10 Drawbacks Of Using ChatGPT For Homework Assistance

Drawback 1: Lack of Subject Specificity

One of the foremost challenges students face when they are taking homework help online through ChatGPT is a lack of subject in-depth knowledge. When it comes to human tutors they specialize in particular fields, but ChatGPT operates on a general level. That leads to having very poor in-depth knowledge of a particular subject and raises more questions about the effectiveness, and reliability it comes to support in subject-specific assignments

Drawback 2: Potential for Inaccurate Information

Another consequence is the data in ChatGPT are encoded with their old existing data which raises critical concerns of reliability and authenticity. Due to the absence of real-time updates, it poses a risk to the students of giving outdated data. 

In an academic setting, precision is vital, when there is usage of misinformation then it poses significant challenges. This drawback makes the available information obtained through AI tools for their online homework help not ensure accuracy sometimes in academic work.

Drawback 3: Limited Understanding of Context

When one student generates any piece of information another hurdle for ChatGPT, particularly in understanding context. Sometimes when one opts for online homework help, there are chances of answers of ambiguity, which won’t match with your topic context. That leads to responses to irrelevant topics or off-topic. This limitation reduces the efficacy of subject matters by providing ambiguity of less relevant topics. 

Drawback 4: Lack of Personalized Feedback

There is less personalized feedback when it comes to the educational landscape. Getting input from ChatGPT has a less responsive rate when it comes to individualized guidance. As we know the importance of personalized learning experiences is very much crucial when it comes to academic fields. And when it comes to this quality ChatGPT fails to deliver tailored support as per the needs of the students. 

Drawback 5: Potential for Plagiarism

One of the ethical quandaries surrounding ChatGPT is its potential to foster plagiarism. Here the student only copies and pastes the content without knowing in depth of that particular topic. This leads to degrading academic integrity. A lot of institutions have faced these challenges so have made certain guidelines for utilizing AI tools for homework assistance. As per the data survey conducted by BestColleges in March 2023 of the participating college students seen using AI tools, 50% completed their assignments or exams. However, in the UK and USA universities have acknowledged using this tool but have framed certain guidelines like the students can use this tool only to explore the topic. 

Drawback 6: Ethical Considerations

As in the educational field, using AI for academic support has some ethical considerations. That is why some Australian universities, seeing its adverse effects, have banned AI tools. (Source from this blog Guidelines for generative AI use from universities worldwide, published in the editage insights). It has just arisen a question for all when it comes to the ethical implications of relying on ChatGPT for homework assistance. 

Drawback 7: Limited Ability to Foster Critical Thinking

Education should go beyond learning; critical thinking and creativity are gradually reducing when students are using AI tools as their online homework help. When it comes to long-term learning experience it is totally zero and the outcome is very severe when it comes to the holistic development of students. 

Drawback 8: Accessibility and Dependence

The dependence rate is more than quick assistance. Using ChatGPT for online homework helps dependency is more, students used to depend more rather than thinking. It reduces problem-solving skills as they are dependent upon these AI tools. Therefore, addressing such issues as dependence is vital when it comes to using this tool for educational fields. 

Drawback 9: Lack of Interpersonal Interaction

Imparting education is not only confined with only information transfer; it also needs human connection which totals no when using ChatGPT. There is a limitation of interpersonal skills as human interaction and support are absent. When it comes to the learning process using this AI tool should be restricted. 

Drawback 10: Continuous Evolution and Updates

The rapid evolution of AI technology has given more challenges for both educators and students. Less update of recent data like suppose when you ask ChatGPT. “Can you provide the latest statistical update on how many universities banned AI tools, so answer from ChatGPT. Will come like this’ “As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have specific information on which universities have set guidelines for utilizing AI tools for homework assistance” So relying upon this AI tool is a waste, I recommend.

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This blog will give you a clear-cut idea of the bad impact of using AI tools when it comes to Online Homework Help. Read this blog some surveys are also given above that can also help you to know more. Instead of taking this AI Tool help you can take the help of any Assignment Helper like Assignment World. Read the blog mostly know its 10 drawbacks to avoid this AI tool when it comes to your academic fields. 

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