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Modern Royalty: Reignite Your Style with Jewel Tones

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When it comes to pampering yourself and finally starting to think of yourself as the main character, a need for an elegant and luxurious-looking need of style hits you. The constant thoughts on how to elevate your style, making it seem more chic and elegant gather your mind immensely, hence leading you to find ways to do that. This is why I believe you’re here, to explore something that would lead your style in a new and positive direction. The style that would do justice to that would be executed with the help of Jewel Tones. These tones aren’t here to joke around or something, something in them just makes them sound and look so need-worthy. Let me tell you why.

Our style does not only depend on the type of clothing we wear or whatever accessory we elevate it with, the thing that matters a lot is the overall tone of the outfit you’re choosing for yourself. And for a luxurious and elegant feel, what would do justice to that part other than jewel tones themselves? Jewel tones are tones and colors of the jewels themselves that give anything an elegant and eye-catching effect. And what could portray your style better than that? In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can reignite your style with the help of jewel tones, so delve in and find what matches your vibe the most!

Up-Lift Your Style with Jewel Tones

Delve in and get to know how to elevate your style with jewel tone colors and how to make the right jewel tone outfits for you! 

Elegance Shower

This one is for the ones who have important formal events to attend and are hoping to appear graceful, confident, and luxurious in feel. I know there are a lot of people that would love this as it’s beautiful just to read about it. So, what do you think of an emerald green gown with a desirable silhouette and those wanted embellishments? Follow it up with a mix of golden and emerald green statement earrings and a matching bracelet, heels, or your favorite sandals with a bag that matches your overall look the best. I guess a clutch would do the job well! Here’s one to slay your very next event and walk out with ultimate elegance!

Boss Up

If we’re talking about elegancy right now, why not take it towards a bossy aesthetic too? Boss aesthetic is not only elegant but also comes with that abundance of sophistication that is a must. Sapphire blue tailored pants and blazer with a desirable fitting blouse don’t sound quite bad to me, it’s actually totally needed in the wardrobe ASAP! Pair it with nice sapphire blue pumps or loafer, and accessories it with a nice silver pendant with an accent of sapphire blue in this, same with the earrings. And whose confidence wouldn’t skyrocket with a tone worn in such a sophisticated outfit? Through this, it should put your mind to rest with the questions of, if ‘jewel tone’ fits are worth it, or if they would do my style justice, because girl, these tone fits are definitely on top.

Casual Daytime

This one is something that the mind would comprehend with a light and easy feel. Some flowy, feminine and just the right type. I love how creative human minds are to be very honest, we got to use jewel tones inspired colors to execute some of the best outfits, like this one! A nice flowy amethyst purple dress with the kind of waist you’d prefer and flutter sleeves. Pair it with beautiful heel sandals in a shade that complements the amethyst purple dress, which could be nude or purple. As for accessories, silver hoop earrings or amethyst purple earrings with the needed silver would work seamlessly. As for a bad, good for a nice, elegant shoulder bag, or crossbody would work too. Last but not least, confidence! So walk with confidence wherever you put your step and slay the day!

Weekend Made

This one is here to celebrate your me-time with you. We all like a bit of mixture and match in things, right? It makes things seem more creative and gives us more of an idea of how we can use the other ones with the same strategy. Here what we’re going for is a nice emerald green cardigan and high-waisted velvet trousers. This color combination is the chef’s kiss. To give this day a more refined vibe, add on a nice golden necklace and a bracelet that matches well, glasses with golden or bronze frames would make that all so much better! As for shoes, we like a pair of loafers or maybe those slick ankle boots in a neutral color, upgrading this fit more of a stronger level to balance everything out!

Glamorous Vintage

Now listen, nobody minds a glamorous vintage that allows us to rewind the mix & match of the colors in the past. And that is what we have in mind too, introduce you to an eye-refreshing color combination that would take you back to the vintage as well as upgrade your ultimate style. So, we all like a royal blue velvet maxi dress with preferred silhouette and fine embellishment with that luxurious-looking emerald green faux fur shawl, don’t we? Pair this beautiful piece of admiration with silver or gold heels to complement that luxurious feel radiating from this outfit. As for accessories, it would be a good idea to take it back to the drop earrings, those would look flawless with an accent of deep blue sapphire or green emerald. Add on a beaded clutch and you’re good to go!


We saw how different jewel tones carried out different outfits, with some of them having amazing color combinations. Jewel tones are a way to upgrade your style with the ultimate modern royalty feel and help you explore more of what you can try. Make sure to walk with confidence!

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