Navigating Canada Visa and CBSA Declaration for Belgium

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Traveling to Canada involves understanding various visa requirements and customs regulations. This guide focuses on obtaining a Canada visa for Belgium citizens and the process of making a Canada CBSA declaration, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Canada Visa for Belgium Citizens

Belgium citizens planning to visit Canada for short stays, such as tourism, business, or family visits, need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canada Visa for Belgium Citizens is a straightforward process that can be completed online.

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): Belgium citizens must secure an eTA to fly to or transit through Canada. This authorization is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport and is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires.
  2. Valid Passport: Applicants need a valid Belgian passport with at least six months of validity from the date of entry into Canada.
  3. Travel Plans: While not mandatory, having a clear travel itinerary, including round-trip flight tickets and accommodation details, can facilitate the process.
  4. No Criminal Record: Applicants must have no criminal record. Additional documentation or a police clearance certificate may be required in some cases.

Application Process

  1. Online Application: The eTA application is conducted entirely online. Visit the official Canadian government website or the Canada Visa for Belgium Citizens page for detailed instructions.
  2. Provide Information: Complete the online form with accurate personal details, passport information, and travel plans.
  3. Payment of Fees: Pay the eTA processing fee using a credit or debit card.
  4. Receive eTA: Most applicants receive eTA approval within minutes. However, some applications may take several days if additional documentation is required. The eTA confirmation will be sent via email.

For comprehensive instructions and to start your application, visit the Canada Visa for Belgium Citizens page.

Canada CBSA Declaration

When entering Canada, making a Canada CBSA declaration is a crucial step to ensure compliance with Canadian customs and immigration regulations. The Canada CBSA Declaration involves declaring goods, currency, and other items being brought into the country.

Understanding CBSA Declaration

  1. What to Declare: Travelers must declare all goods they are bringing into Canada, including gifts, personal items, and purchases. Items like food, plants, animals, and related products also need to be declared to prevent the spread of diseases and pests.
  2. Currency and Monetary Instruments: If you are carrying CAN$10,000 or more in cash or equivalent monetary instruments, you must declare this upon entry into Canada.
  3. Personal Exemptions: Depending on your length of stay outside Canada, you may be eligible for personal exemptions on certain goods. For example, if you have been away for 24 hours, you can bring back goods worth up to CAN$200 without paying duties.

Making the Declaration

  1. Advance CBSA Declaration: You can make an advance declaration before arriving in Canada using the ArriveCAN app or website. This can speed up the process at the border.
  2. At the Border: Upon arrival, you will be required to complete a CBSA declaration form or provide the information electronically. Be honest and accurate in your declarations to avoid penalties or delays.
  3. CBSA Officer: A CBSA officer may ask questions about your declaration and inspect your belongings to ensure compliance with Canadian regulations.

Application Process

  1. Prepare Information: Have all necessary information and documents ready before making your declaration. This includes receipts for purchases, details of goods, and monetary instruments.
  2. Use ArriveCAN: For an efficient process, use the ArriveCAN app to make your advance declaration. Visit the Canada CBSA Declaration page for detailed instructions.
  3. Complete the Declaration: Upon arrival, complete the declaration process as directed by CBSA officers.

Important Tips for a Smooth Travel Experience

  1. Double-Check Information: Ensure all information provided in your eTA application and CBSA declaration is accurate and matches the details in your passport and other documents.
  2. Apply Early: Although the eTA process is usually quick, applying well in advance of your travel date can help account for any unforeseen delays.
  3. Monitor Email: Keep an eye on your email for any communication from the Canadian authorities regarding your eTA status.
  4. Carry Supporting Documents: While the eTA is electronically linked to your passport, carrying a printed confirmation and any additional supporting documents can be helpful. Similarly, have all receipts and documentation ready for the CBSA declaration.


Securing a Canada Visa for Belgium Citizens and making a Canada CBSA Declaration are essential steps for a smooth entry into Canada. By following the outlined steps and ensuring all requirements are met, travelers from Belgium can enjoy a seamless and stress-free travel experience. Proper preparation and early application can enhance your journey, making your visit to Canada enjoyable and hassle-free.

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