Possible Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading reasons for personal injury on U.S. roadways, and the wounds are often life threatening. When another motorist causes you injuries, a motorcycle accident attorney will help you receive the compensation you will need to resume your life.

Whenever a car and a motorcycle collide, the bike is typically the loser. Hospital bills could be astronomical, and recovery slow. The most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

Concussions: One of the most common and serious injuries that emergency rooms see in motorcycle accidents is a traumatic blow to the brain. Such damage causes a temporary loss in function. The longer the concussion lasts, the more risk there’s for memory loss and permanent loss in function.

Road rash: One of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents is known as road rash. When someone is thrown from a motorcycle, even if they’re not traveling at high speeds, their skin and tissue are extremely susceptible to abrasions when your body makes contact with pavement. This injury is extremely painful and can require weeks in a healthcare facility to heal properly. Infections are extremely common in road rash injuries, and can require surgery and even skin grafting to properly heal.

Brain damage: If you find serious head trauma and sustained concussion after having a motorcycle accident, permanent damage to the mind can result. Brain damage can cause permanent disabilities, behavioral abnormality and it may affect sight, speech and motor function.

Fractures: Bone fractures of the arms, wrists, hands, legs, ankles, feet, hips, pelvis, ribs and clavicle will also be very common in motorcycle accidents. Broken bones can cause immobility and pain for extended amounts of time, and can also leave the injured party with permanent disabilities.

Spinal cord injuries: Any injuries to the trunk, neck or spinal cord are extremely serious and can result in loss in mobility and loss in feeling. The spinal cord runs from your mind down your spinal column. Its purpose is to transmit nerve impulses from the mind to the remainder of your system and is one of the most fragile areas. Injuries to the spinal cord can result in permanent disabilities and paralysis.

In these injuries, recovery may take weeks, months or longer. In the meantime, regular bills can go unpaid, routines and schedules are disrupted, and hospital and therapy bills climb. In today’s economy especially, they are costs that could derail a family financially, even when insurance pays some of the bills.

The economy itself is obviously leading more people to ride gas-sipping motorcycles in the initial place. Despite their increased presence, motorists do not often share the road well with two-wheeled vehicles. Sometimes an at-fault driver will insist he didn’t “see” the motorcycle. Such actions can rise to the amount of negligence.

Regardless of the unfortunate stereotype of motorcycle riders as lawless and reckless, statistics show cycle riders are some of the safest people on the road. Always ride with safety and state motor vehicle laws in mind, but if you are injured, consider hiring Walnut Ridge Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to uphold your rights and seek compensation for the medical bills.

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