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Quizletlive is a collaborative and high-energy review game which is based on Quizlet, an online flashcards platform which seems to have been around for years. Students are divided into groups and they work together to answer all the questions to win. 

The platform gets the students valuable repetitions which they need to remember key content and this kind will allow them to do bigger things later on. Also, as a teacher, it is easy to quickly begin the game in a few seconds and each time you will have unique games in the set of 20 flashcards which can yield more than 125,000 combinations for a live game. 

Starting a Quizlet Live in some quick and easy steps – 

Let’s look at the steps you are supposed to follow to quickly begin a Quizlet live

  1. Intially you need to either create a flashcard of your own or you can also find an existing quizlet flashcard set using which you can play the game. You can find the quizlet using the search engine in less than 60 seconds. 
  2. The second step is to load the game, for which you must ensure that you log into Quizlet and then hit the ‘Live’ button to begin the game. Tap on the ‘create game’ button to begin with it before getting to the next step. 
  3. This step is to let the students join the game. For this, you need to ask the students to access www.quizlet.live using their device or you can also ask them to scan the QR code to join the game. 
  4. To begin a game, at least four students are required to create two groups of two students each. 
  5. The names of the students will begin appearing on the screen as they join the game and as a teacher, you will have the option to remove a student if you want by clicking on their name. 
  6. Also, you’ll notice that music is playing in the background, if you want you can turn it off with the help of the ‘Options’ button at the top left screen. 
  7. As soon as everybody has joined the game you can tap on the button below the code to put students into groups. 
  8. Students will be assigned into groups rights ways, and each group will be assigned a mascot using which students can locate their group. 
  9. To bring a twist in the game, you can shuffle the team using ‘Shuffle Teams’ even before the students get to know about their team. 

Now, the only thing left is to play the game and keep giving correct answers. After the game is over, you can review the terms and conditions with the students and can also discuss their common mistakes with them or you can also exit the game once you are done or you can generate a new game to play again. 

There are some tips we would like to tell you for Quizlet such as you can consider reshuffling the team every game so that it can be a bit more fun. Also, you can continue running cumulative scores for wins and provide feedback to the students right after a game. You should try mixing up the questions you asked which is also referred to as interleaving. Another thing you can try is to engage in some new gameplay options to keep the students engaged. 

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