The Climate In Jaisalmer During Monsoon Season

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Deep in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, frequently referred to as the Golden City, is a place of entrancing beauty, and charm without equality. The golden sand dunes and superlative forts are associated with relentless sun and scorching heat. There’s a secretive aspect of Jaisalmer that bobs up in the time of the climate in Jaisalmer during monsoon season. This season turns the arid landscape into a robust oasis of color and life. The best desert safari camp Jaisalmer will help you experience this monsoon. Get ready for a captivating adventure that unravels for you a side to Jaisalmer you never thought existed.

Desert Change 

Sea change is all well and thorough. However, desert change ought to be an idiom, since there’s a distinct before and after after the first drizzles. When the first raindrops patter on the parched earth, the rebirth of life is nearly magical. The generally infertile terrain suddenly spurts life, exploding in a burst of flora. Soft wildflowers of diverse hues are strewn all over the desert floor. Witness the scintillating tapestry against the backdrop of golden sands! A wonder-evoking sight, Nature makes a demonstration of its power to blossom even in the most parched regions.

Spritely Monsoon 

Jaisalmer monsoon season brings in its trail an adventurous series that’s distinctly different from commonplace desert experiences. A sought-after activity during this weather is alighting into a jeep safari to explore the transmogrified desert scene. The balmy breeze and invigorating wet sand scent make for a sensory trip like no other. Scouring the scintillating desert in search of the play of light and dark across sand dunes is a photographer’s fantasy.

Cultural Immersion joys  

It is true that not that many tourists come to town in the monsoon season. However, the monsoon does give you a unique opportunity to dive into the depths of Jaisalmer culture. The hustle and bustle of the city and the crowding in the lanes is definitely toned way down. Tourists are thereby enabled to engage in unhurried chinwags with the locals. This is just the appropriate time to explore the sophistication of the native architecture, the tales behind each conspicuous lane, and the warmth of the natives.

Fort Magnificent! 

The Jaisalmer crown jewel, the Sonar Qella or Golden Fort, is a witness to all changes in season and weather. Whilst the monsoon is on, the fort disappears in silence into the lush surroundings, even as the hills that girdle the fort cloak themselves in a verdure of grass. Discovering nooks and crannies of the wondrous fort whilst you drink in the cool breeze and the sprinkles now and then is an experience that transports you to another world entirely.

Culinary blasts  

With the coming of the monsoon, Jaisalmer’s palette demands culinary blasts of excitement. Delicacies that you have gotten familiar with, up to the point of being jaded, assume unearthly dimensions. Cool showers, though only intermittent, render the town sufficiently quaint to stimulate your hunger. Hunger during desert rains is a thing of wonder! Piping-hot snacks form the right foil for the coolest drizzles. Kachoris or ghewar, local culinary delights send you blasting off to space. It tastes so mind-blowing you will be scrapping your brains off the ground! If novelty in things gastronomique is a thing for you, you have a better plan right now to savor a vacation without parallel – a Jaisalmer monsoon excursion!

Right as rain! 

Jaisalmer is perfection, right as rain, especially in the monsoon. The monsoon is a time of recuperation and rejuvenation. Like refurbished furniture, you begin to notice new advantages to your most preferred holiday destination.

There is not one desert-living creature that does not love the rain. Desert rain does have the quality of being rare. Because it is so little seen, it is marvelous. At times desert rain is loud with boisterousness, rowdily picking up a bone with the sky. In others, it is Politeness itself. In a cascading cadence, the desert rain washes dust off leaves and rocks, whilst giving everything something to drink.

And Jaisalmer guzzles down this deluge. Hardly a deluge, but still…a bit of monsoon rain does go a very long way. Jaisalmer knows how to make the best of every sprinkle, each spray.

Monsoon rains in Jaisalmer are as magical as the post-shower weather is especial. When the rain concludes you sense the deliciously sweet smell of creosote covered with sand, and it is ubiquitous. Birds warble and sing while landing in a puddle for a drink! See the flap-up water over their tiny heads, charming bathers! And not only our avian companions – all creatures troop out, and there’s a general slaking of thirst all around. And against all these going-on, the Jaisalmer desert camp feels as endearing as never before.


The best desert safari camp Jaisalmer brings you your tryst with the best monsoon could offer to a desert. The Thar and the Monsoon are two great phenomena. When they converse, we listen. And feel. All mundane, ordinary things take on a new translation as meaning. Everything becomes better. There might be discounts in the bazaars. There are bargains to be had. You will definitely get the better of all the wheeling and dealing whilst travelling deep into the old town. You will come right out on top, because not much goes wrong in the rains. The thin crowds accompanying the climate in Jaisalmer during monsoon season make for an intense experience like never before!

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