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The importance of workplace safety for confined spaces

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The importance of workplace safety for confined spaces

The importance of workplace safety for confined spaces
Safety at work is a very important issue in itself and must be present in all companies, regardless of segment or size.

This means that confined space service is not left out, as this activity presents a series of dangers and risks at all times.

Being on top of this subject is important for everyone, from the employee who carries out the work to the CEO at the highest position in the business hierarchy.

In this way, it is possible to take all necessary measures to minimize work accidents and occupational illnesses, protecting the integrity of the professional in the company environment. Click Here for Confined space training in UAE

Do you want to know more about safety at work in confined spaces and how to practice it? Continue reading below!

What is confined space?

Work in confined spaces is all activities in environments that are not fully suitable for carrying out the service, where the employee must deal with movement limitations and atmospheric conditions that present risks to their health and/or the location, such as fires and explosions.

Knowing what the service location is about is very important to know what security measures should be taken. In this case, as an example of places that carry out this activity we can mention:

  • Large drop boxes
  • Fluid Storage Tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Wells and Cisterns
  • Gas, electricity, water and sewage services
  • And among others.

How to work safely in confined spaces?

Tips on how to work safely in confined spaces involve measures common to all work, however, there is an increase in the use of equipment.

In this type of activity, the number of instruments required is higher, ranging from basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to gas detectors and air extractors.

Without further ado, check out the main topics for safety in confined spaces below:

Be aware of your surroundings:

Knowing the environment in which the activity will be carried out is essential to prepare correctly, ranging from the appropriate use of equipment to emergency protocols.

Reduce workplace stress:

When employees have to deal with long working hours, pressure over results, conflicts with colleagues and even their boss, they are not physically and mentally fit to carry out their work, increasing the chances of an incident.

Don’t take shortcuts:

The use of tools and machines must follow company procedures. The professional should not neglect this by taking shortcuts, which exposes him or her to unnecessary risks.

Know the emergency exits:

In an emergency situation, access to the exits must be quick and safe, which is why it is important to know where they are in advance.

Share information with your team:

Every professional must keep their team updated about the dangers and risks that occur in the work environment, so always inform your colleagues and leaders.

Always stay alert:

Many accidents happen due to lack of attention. When early warning alerts are ignored or lack of awareness occurs during service, lives can be lost, so always be alert.

Use all necessary safety equipment:

The correct use of safety equipment is essential. In the case of confined spaces, atmospheric analysis is necessary and in some situations the use of tripods and fall arresters.

Atmospheric analysis includes the use of gas detectors, which makes it possible to identify what is in the air at the location, which may contain toxic or flammable substances. For Confined space Entry Course Click Here

Furthermore, it may be necessary to use exhaust fans, blowers and other equipment in addition to PPE to make the activity safe for employees.

The Regulatory Standard for work in confined spaces:

To deal with work in a confined space safely, all necessary measures of rules must be taken, which includes prevention protocols, emergency situations and training.

Furthermore, according to rule: “It is up to the employer to implement health and safety management at work in confined spaces, through technical prevention, administrative, personal and emergency and rescue measures to permanently guarantee environments with adequate working conditions” .

Is your company in need of equipment to ensure safe work in confined spaces? You can count on the We product line!

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