Tips for Moving in Rainy Season via Packers and Movers

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You have packed all your essential household belongings and are about to start your relocation. But what would happen if it starts raining the very moment you embark on your move? Well, you can’t do anything except wait for a clear sky. Most people get stuck on a rainy day while moving with their packers and movers in Rajkot. They do not know how to be prepared for their move if it starts raining suddenly on their moving day. Well, relocating in a monsoon or a rainy day calls for the right strategy. Without a solid plan, it will be extremely difficult for you to move your belongings safely to your desired destination. If you are among the ones who are looking for the best strategies to move in the rain, the following set of information will be quite helpful for you:-

Get Updated About the Weather Conditions

Whether you are relocating locally or to a foreign location, you need to get updated about the weather conditions of these places. This will help you get prepared for your upcoming relocation. If the weather conditions in your destination location are not favorable, you can wait for the right time to commence your move. To get updated about the weather in your starting location and your destination, watch the weather-related news on TV or use a weather app for this purpose.

Get Rain Moving Supplies

You can’t imagine how rain can affect your move. Your costly furniture and decorative items get wet and damaged if it starts raining on the moving day. So, you need to protect your moving boxes from being wet. To protect your household items, you can use the best quality packing and moving supplies while moving your items in the rain. You need to arrange a lot of items to protect your household goods. Make sure to have shrink wrap and trash bags while moving on a rainy day as they are the best in protecting your precious goods from being wet. You should also carry a lot of other important items to move your goods to your desired destination without any harm.

Wash Your Clothes Before the Move

Carrying wet clothes during a rainy move is not a judicious decision on your part. As the monsoon season brings dampness and excessive humidity in the air, your clothes take a long time to get dried. Also, they may develop a damp smell which makes it tough for you to carry them easily during the move. So, the best solution for this problem is to wash your clothes before your relocation process. This will help you in carrying your clothes to your destination without any problem.

Get Moving Insurance

The safety of your goods is at stake if you move on a rainy day. Thus, it is important to get the right moving insurance for your move. Suitable moving insurance will save you from any financial loss resulting from any damage to your belongings during the move. The packers and movers offer two types of moving insurance to you from their side- transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance. While transit insurance covers your goods during the transit period, the all-inclusive insurance covers them right from their beginning to the end.

Start Your Relocation Early

An early move is the key to a successful relocation if you are moving in the rainy season. When you start your relocation early in the morning, there are higher chances of relocating your goods securely to your destination. There is less traffic on the road in the early morning hours. Also, you have sufficient time to manage your move if you get stuck on the road due to rain. Some people move at the eleventh hour and can’t do anything to save their relocation. Hence, if you want to relocate your household belongings safely to your destination, it is best to move as early as possible on the moving day.

Think of a Backup Plan

You should always have a backup plan before transporting your household articles to your destination during the monsoon. You can never predict the weather so you should be already prepared for it during the move. It is advisable to have a plan B that will save your relocation process from getting failed. If you have a backup plan with you, it will help you get a successful relocation even if you get engulfed with any problem during the relocation process. There may be a wide range of problems that may thwart your move including traffic jams, getting stuck in rain, etc. So, plan B will work perfectly if you go through any problems during the move.

Use Plastic to Wrap All Household Goods

Plastic bags work perfectly in protecting your articles from being wet in the rain. The best thing is that you can find them easily. Also, you don’t need to spend extra money to buy them. Thus, make sure to use the bin bags and cling wrap to pack your articles. This will offer complete safety to your articles from any damage on a rainy day. Make sure to collect these supplies beforehand so that you won’t have any problems during the move. If you are carrying books or any paper items, you must pack them in plastic bags and then in a plastic container. This will act as an additional layer of protection while shifting your articles to your new destination. The packers and movers in Rajkot also make the best use of plastic bags while moving to any destination you want to move.

Opt for an Enclosed Truck

Make sure to choose only the enclosed truck to shift your home belongings to your destination. Moving your goods in an enclosed truck is more beneficial than moving them in an open truck. The enclosed truck will protect your goods in the rain and also when there is an excessive snowfall in your origin location and the destination. Most people prefer to move their household goods in an enclosed moving truck in the rainy season due to this reason. These trucks are equipped with all the necessary supplies that help you move your goods during the rain.  Hence, you should always book an enclosed truck over the open truck to transport your articles safely in the rainy season.

Pack Essential Things for Your Move

Make sure to pack essential things while moving your goods in the rain. The first thing to pack is a power bank as you can charge your phone with it if your mobile phone runs out of battery. You must also carry other important documents during your move such as important bank papers and your ID proofs. However, you must pack them in waterproof or zip-lock bags. This will protect them from being wet during the rain. Apart from this, you should carry an umbrella and a raincoat while shifting your articles during the move.

Make an Assembly Line

The ground becomes wet and muddy during the rain. So, it is quite obvious that the moving officials will bring mud to your home while loading or unloading your items. This will make your home dirty. However, your moving officials can avoid it by making an assembly line. They can designate a person to bring the articles to your main door. This person will remain inside your home and transfer the items to a person who is standing outside of your main door. Now, this person will transfer the items to another person who is standing near the moving truck. This strategy is helpful for you to load and unload your items during the move.

Unpack Wet Articles First

One of the main problems while moving in the rain is that your items get wet. This results in your items getting damaged. So, if you want to avoid this, make sure to unpack your wet items as soon as you reach your destination. If you don’t take them out after arriving there, it will damage them completely. Hence, don’t forget to unpack your wet items after moving them to your destination.

Collect Your Items in the Garage

Make sure to collect your home belongings in the garage before moving them into the truck. This is another best way to save your home from dirt and water. Once you gather your articles in the garage, your moving officials can move these goods easily to the moving truck without creating a mess in your home. If you gather your heavy items in the garage, the officials can easily load them into the truck.

Buy Furniture Covers

 You can buy the covers of your furniture items to protect them from being wet during the relocation process. You can also use the mattress covers to provide safety to your mattresses during the move.  However, if you do not possess the furniture covers, it is best to buy them from the market. You can also buy the furniture covers through an online store.


It is important to provide safety to your household items while moving on a rainy day. You can use the above-said tips to avoid any damage to them while moving with packers and movers in Rajkot on a rainy day.

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