Understanding the Top Platform Engineering Tools of 2024

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Platform engineering is considered a practice built up on DevOps guides that assist in improving each development team’s compliance, costs, security, and business processes, eventually helping to improve developer experiences and self-service within a secure, governed framework.

Lately, there has been quite a buzz about the permanent implementation of platform engineering in the IT industry. According to a recent report by Gartner, it is estimated that more than 80% of engineering organizations will have a crew dedicated to platform engineering by 2026, where these teams will focus on building an internal developer platform. This also implies that regardless of the business domain, these platforms by nature will help in achieving high business scale and reduce the time it takes to deliver business value.

In today’s exclusive AI TechPark article, we will help IT developers understand the need for platform engineering along with the top three trending tools they can use for an easy business operation.

The Top Three Platform Engineering Tools You Should Consider in 2024

In this section, we will introduce you to the top three tools that every platform engineer should try in 2024 to perform routine tasks without being time-consuming and with zero human errors.


Navigating the intricate landscape of Kubernetes infrastructure, Crossplane is one of the best platform engineering tools that securely builds a control plane with its tailored and unique needs without writing tricky distributed systems code. Crossplane is a master orchestrator that extends beyond container management, as its reliability and security are inherent to Kubernetes.


Port emerges as an indispensable asset of platform engineering, offering DevOps teams a centralized platform for orchestrating applications and infrastructure with unparalleled precision and control. The platform has a unique blend of oversight and flexibility that allows IT managers to maintain standards and best practices to streamline the business process effectively and efficiently.


Argo CD, a Kubernetes-native marvel, has redefined the landscape of modern application deployment. It offers a meticulous orchestration of deployment processes, ensuring that the applications are not just deployed but thriving and in sync with the demands of the tech world. The platform empowers developers to take full command, seamlessly managing both the intricate web of infrastructure configurations and the pulsating lifeline of application updates, all within a single, unified system.

Platform engineering is considered the optimal suite of tools that aids in orchestrating a symphony of tools that align with developers’ unique operational needs and aspirations while also keeping cost, skillset compatibility, feature sets, and user interface design in consideration.

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