What Are the Features of a Great Task Management Tool?

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Task management software is an automation tool that companies can use to track, manage, and execute tasks efficiently. The software increases efficiency and enables executives to meet deadlines.

We jot down the tasks of the day before starting our day. Isn’t it? We sometimes finish them, but other times we put them off until another day. Do you think that writing down your to-do list every morning will help you complete it the next day? Unfortunately not!

The daily hustle and bustle often makes us forget important things. Therefore, sometimes we miss completing our pending tasks another day. To overcome this situation, companies should use task management software. Wondering what it is and how it can help your company? Keep reading to find out!

What is Task Management Software?

An employee task management system helps companies organise, track, and streamline workflow activities within a project or organisation. Both supervisors and executives can create, assign and prioritise tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress.

For instance, the manager adds tasks to the TrackoField task management software each morning. The tasks are visible to the respective executives, enabling them to plan their complete day. The executive can mark a task as completed once they have finished it. This will help the managers track their work status without calling them. Furthermore, the software maintains a record of earlier tasks, so one can easily get an update if there are any pending ones for another day.

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Features of Task Management Software

Employee task tracking software comes with a tonne of features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Easy Task Assignment

Employee task management system is a user-friendly tool that enables supervisors to delegate and monitor field tasks efficiently. You can assign, track, and add tasks in volume for your mobile workforce. Thus, the software streamlines coordination and enhances productivity in real-time.

  • Real-Time Task Tracking

Supervisors can track the status of tasks effortlessly using easy-to-use task tracking software. A field executive can mark tasks as done, providing managers with clear insights into productivity. This transparency helps managers assign tasks more effectively based on the performance of executives.

  • Automated Progress Report

Saving operating expenses is always the best idea. You can do so by introducing an employee task management system in your organisation. How? Usually, field workers maintain task reports manually, resulting in the use of excessive stationery like pens and paper. However, with the software, executives can simply update their task status on the dashboard, while managers can download an auto-generated performance report.

  • Auto Attendance Linking

The integration of employee attendance software with an employee tracking system enables businesses to automate their workforce leave and attendance. Executives can use the same app to mark their attendance or request leave. The assigned manager can acknowledge the executives’ leave requests using the same software.

  • Ad-Hoc Task Delegation

What if your client demands a sudden visit to a field? How will you allocate this task? Will you be able to make an informed decision? It is possible with the help of task management software. Using real time data-driven insights, supervisors can know the performance of their executives and allocate unexpected tasks more efficiently.

  • Geo-Verified Tasks

Employees often update the status of their tasks as they are completed without physically visiting the site. Isn’t it? Employers can overcome this challenge by using the auto-attendance linking feature of employee task tracking software. The software allows managers to confirm their executives’ presence at task sites.

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Why Choose TrackoField Employee Task Management Software?

The realm of technology is rising continuously. Companies often face a dilemma when it comes to selecting task tracking software, as numerous companies offer them to streamline workforce operations. TrackoField task management software is among the various solutions that most companies rely on.

TrackoField offers a simple and easy-to-use employee task management system. It simplifies every step of the process, from assigning to managing and tracking the tasks. Through the app, managers can assign tasks in bulk while on the go and from any location. Additionally, the geo-tracking feature allows managers to track the live location of executives. This helps managers verify that executives went to the task site.


In conclusion, employee task management software is an automation tool to streamline and manage tasks for a mobile workforce. It helps overcome the challenge of maintaining handwritten to-do lists. The features of great task tracking software include easy task assignment, enhanced coordination and more, as discussed in the above article. TrackoField employee task tracking system is one of the best choices for companies.
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