Why Flowers and Trees are Special on Christmas Festivals

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Christmas is considered one of the most widely celebrated festivals around the world. While we associate this festival with exchanging gifts and meeting family and friends over special meals; flowers and trees play a significant role in enhancing the vibe and spirit of Christmas. Here are the top 5 reasons why they hold a special place during this winter festival and why you should get some from your nearby Florist Largo FL:

Greenery represents eternal life

Evergreens like pine, spruce, holly, and plants with red berries are traditionally used in Christmas decorations so therefore they have gained prominence at this time of the year. Unlike other plants, the greenery on these trees stays green throughout the year, even during the winter. Thus they symbolize eternal life and the circle of life. The Christmas tree itself is considered a representation of the tree of life.

Poinsettias are the Christmas flower

Poinsettias are one of the most popular Winter Season Flowers. Their bright red and sometimes green or white flowers make them a favorite for decorating homes, churches, and venues during Christmas. In Mexico, it has been considered a Christmas flower since Ancient times. However, it was only in the 19th century that poinsettias became associated with Christmas in the Western world. Now it has become almost synonymous with Christmas celebrations and one of the best Winter Indoor Plants.

Holly symbolizes hope and goodwill

The red berries and deep green leaves of holly have made it a trendy Christmas plant since Victorian times. In ancient Roman times, holly was seen as a symbol of good luck. The Christians later adopted this and interpreted the red berries as representing the blood of Christ and the prickly leaves as the Crown of thorns. It came to represent everlasting life and Hope during the Christmas season. Exchanging Holly continues this tradition of spreading hope, peace, and goodwill.

Mistletoe is a plant of love and kiss

In many European cultures, mistletoe holds a special place. It was considered a plant of fertility, love, and peace by the Celtic Druids. Even today the tradition of kissing under mistletoe continues this ancient ritual. The white berries were seen as symbols of peace, love, and fertility which perfectly aligns with the message of Christmas. Hanging mistletoe in homes is a way to spread love and joy during Christmas.

Christmas trees spread festive cheer

No Christmas celebration is complete without a Christmas tree. The tradition originated from ancient Egypt and Rome where people used to bring green tree branches into homes during winter solstice as a sign of life. Christians later adopted this tradition and introduced decorated Christmas trees. Now trees filled with lights and decorations dominate the Christmas scene filling everyone with bright festive spirit. Christmas trees have become synonymous with family gatherings and creating fond memories.

So this Christmas, decorate your homes with poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, or Christmas trees from a local florist like Carlson WildWood florist to make your celebration truly memorable with Flower delivery in Saint Petersburg FL. Visit our website to browse our collection and order festive floral gifts for your loved ones.

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