Why is international preschool Singapore an important educational phase of a child’s life?

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IB Preschool is an educational phase of a child’s life between 0 – 6 years. It is a time when children are introduced to various activities like play and learn, cognitive skills, and social interactions. 

This exciting phase of life helps in building a positive attitude to learning and playing. It also helps in developing motor skills, social interactions and confidence. 

Rather than textbook knowledge, the emphasis is on exposing the child to the first sights of the world outside their comfortable nest called home. It is during this time that the child explores surroundings, discovers different things and learns how to express their feelings through various forms of play.

Bookish knowledge is given second priority. The top priority in an IB preschool is to develop the child’s inquisitive mind, which is the most critical stage of learning. 

The entire pursuit of learning during international preschool Singapore is imbibed into various activities and lessons at the school. Therefore, learning comes very naturally in preschool. There are various activities that are associated with this phase, like role playing, acting, and storytelling which help in developing motor skills, social interactions and confidence.

Why is IB preschool vital?

IB Preschool is an important educational phase not just for the sake of education. But it helps in building a positive attitude to learning. These benefits can also be applied in future when the child becomes a student or employee as they can learn how to deal with various situations. Preschool helps in keeping the child’s curiosity alive and aids in testing their ability to learn. The best part is that it keeps them engaged in their educational pursuits and helps them understand their needs, which is the most effective way to teach a child. 

Preschool teachers are extremely instrumental in helping children learn how to interact with others. Children learn many things like social skills, motor skills, self-control, attention span and patience through preschool.

How does international preschool Singapore help your child?

Preschool helps in shaping your child’s personality. It is a platform where children learn and practise social skills, self-control, persistence, patience and other qualities that are equally imperative to their future. Preschool helps in building a strong base for the child to learn, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

Preschool teachers understand that learning is not an overnight process, and it requires a sustained effort from the student as well as from themselves.

Here are some ways preschool can help your child:

Socialization: IB Preschools are built for socialisation with children of the same age group. This helps children learn how to share, interact with others and learn how to find their place among others without being criticised or judged by the other children.

Confidence and self-esteem: Most children can build their self-esteem and gain confidence through early learning activities designed especially for them. This helps them to be ready for the challenges and rigours of formal education.

Creativity: In preschool, children are encouraged to follow their creative side in an environment where they will not be criticized or discouraged. This leads to more problem-solving skills and the ability to handle a problem as they encounter it. These formative years also help them think through a situation before acting upon it.

Motor skills development: Preschools are designed to develop your child’s motor skills and strength. It also helps them to understand body parts and how they can move them, as well as balance and coordination. This will help them in their movement from preschool to school in their later years, where they will encounter a more formal learning environment with more rigorous schedules.

Language development: Preschools help develop your child’s language skills through an introduction to the written word, reading and other language arts or musical activities. This will help them to develop a better understanding of the world around them and the people within it.

Discipline: Preschools help train your child to follow the rules and learn how to listen. It also helps your child learn how to cooperate with others as well as how to wait their turn. This helps in their ability to behave well in school as they adapt to an environment where more selective criteria are applied for performance and learning outcomes.

Final thoughts

The lower age bracket of preschool education, where the child is introduced to various activities like alphabets, maths, social interactions, and team play. 

When you put the child into this phase, it depends on the child’s temperament whether they will be ready for it or not. This has been determined by the family’s readiness and their own ability to nurture a young child. 

At that time, your child may have acquired certain skills at home but has not yet learned to apply them in action. A preschool will fulfil this basic developmental need for the child.

Make sure to get the child enrolled into a good international preschool in Singapore like GIIS. 

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