Unveiling the Meaning of X on Snapchat

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Snapchat is an expressive social media platform that was primarily developed for photo-sharing purposes. The filters and effects you could find on Snapchat cameras are nowhere. Users used to send funny pictures of themselves to their friends that would be gone within a few seconds before even a screenshot could be captured. This app was meant more for fun with friends and strangers than boring family members. 

In the name of advancement, all these applications keep adding new features that generally confuse the users. Snapchat is on top of that as it uses emojis and symbols to add new features to the application like X this time. You must also have noted an X symbol in front of a user’s name and got confused about what it means. Then give the entire article a thorough read and see- what does an x mean on Snapchat

What is the Meaning of X on Snapchat?

Like other symbols and emojis used in the Snapchat app, the usage of X is also unclear. Users keep asking- what does X mean on snapchat and eager to know its usage in the app. Here we have explained a few of the possible reasons behind seeing an X next to a Snapchat user’s name:

1. It could mean you are removed or blocked

If you can remember you have accepted the friend request or you both were friends on Snapchat, then it may mean they have blocked you. But this grey X could also mean that the person is in your phone’s contact list but you both aren’t friends on Snapchat. It wouldn’t be worth saying it only means you are blocked but you may not be friends with that person on Snapchat.

2. It means a friend request

If you ever see an X in front of a contact’s name, then you can also consider it as a friend request. You can easily check it by clicking on the name of that person and it will directly prompt you to the page where you can accept, delete or block the request. After accepting, the X will be removed and you both can share snaps. 

3. It could also mean you Never had an interaction with the person

Another meaning of X next to name Snapchat could mean that you have never interacted with that particular person ever. It’s like you both never shared a friend request, nor do you share any snaps. Once you start interacting, the X will disappear automatically.

Confusing icons on the Snapchat screen

The Snapchat screen is full of confusing icons and coloured symbols which means a lot if properly understood. Filled coloured arrows mean you’ve sent snaps to your friend, outlined arrow means a friend has read the snap, etc. Utilize the app with these icons and share snaps and other content on the app.


Now you must have clearly understood what X means on Snapchat. For more social media confusion or other technological content, visit Onlinegeeks official website.

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