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Cybersecurity is the all-encompassing set of procedures, tools, and guidelines used to safeguard data, networks, and computer systems against damage, disruption, and illegal access. Due to the internet’s many benefits—including easy information sharing, accessibility, communications, and applications—it has become an indispensable element of modern society’s daily existence. Businesses and individuals are concerned about security due to the growing quantity and variety of digital services and linked gadgets. As the internet grows more and more useful for a variety of daily uses, including banking, online bill payment, online shopping, online entertainment services, messaging, and media sharing, among others, these security concerns are only likely to get worse.

According to SPER market research, Vietnam Cybersecurity Market Size – By Offering, By Deployment, By Product Type, By End User – Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Segment Forecast to 2033’ state that the Vietnam Cybersecurity Market is predicted to reach USD XX billion by 2033 with a CAGR of 15.9%.

Among the drivers propelling the market, the country’s increasing use of smartphones and consumers’ growing need for high-speed data connectivity is the biggest one. The need for faster internet connection is growing due to rapid urbanization and rising living standards, and this need is anticipated to fuel the growth of the cybersecurity sector in Vietnam. Moreover, Due to advancements in IT operations across cloud-based platforms, IT services are now more data-driven and real-time, generating more value for the business, especially in operational efficiency, business opportunity detection, and remote access optimization. Furthermore, businesses are investing in cybersecurity services and solutions as a result of the Vietnamese government’s efforts to improve cybersecurity and data protection and organizations are investing more in cybersecurity due to the requirement to comply with data protection legislation and its implementation.

The lack of knowledge and comprehension of cybersecurity dangers among individuals and enterprises is one of the many obstacles facing the Vietnamese cybersecurity market, which results in insufficient investment in cybersecurity solutions. Budgetary restrictions may also prevent businesses from putting in place thorough cybersecurity safeguards, leaving them open to cyberattacks. The problem is made worse by a lack of qualified cybersecurity specialists, which makes it difficult for companies to prevent and respond to assaults. Regulatory obstacles, such as changing compliance mandates, may also make it difficult to implement strong cybersecurity procedures. In addition, the existence of proficient cyber adversaries and the growing intricacy of cyber threats add to the general obstacles encountered by the cybersecurity market in Vietnam.

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The COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of people using the internet for various purposes – jobs, education, content creation, trading, and other activities. The pandemic facilitated the dissemination of malicious viruses, data theft, and fraudulent and fake information by hackers. The most well-known ones are stealing personal information illegally and posing as financial institutions. Organizations around the country stepped-up their efforts to combat cyberattacks, which have become more common since the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, cyber resilience – the ability of a sector or organization to respond to, foresee, and recover from cyberattacks – has evolved from a choice to a necessity in the current climate.

Vietnam Cybersecurity Market Key Players:

The regions of Ho Chin Min City, Hanoi and Da Nang have excellent market growth prospects. Additionally, the key players are Amazon Web Services Vietnam Company Limited, Cisco Systems Inc., CMC Corporation, Dell Inc., FPT Corporation, HPT Vietnam Corporation, IBM Vietnam Co., and others.

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Vietnam Cybersecurity Market Future Outlook

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