Bridal Bouquet Preservation Techniques: How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

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Filled with all sorts of emotions, big joyous celebrations, and picture-perfect moments, one element that reigns close to every bride’s heart is the beautiful bridal bouquet Singapore. These meticulously handcrafted adornments not only evince the charm with your wedding dress but also illustrate the story of your love.

Fresh flowers die in a matter of days. But, what if you could keep this cherished symbol preserved and keep it beautiful for the years to come? In this blog, different methods of preserving bridal bouquets which are practicable in Singapore will be discussed for committed brides to keep a segment of their special day.

Why Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet?

There are several reasons a new bride might consider why she’d like to preserve her wedding bouquet:

Sentimental Value and Memories for Life: More than just a bunch of flowers, the wedding bouquet carries so much, much more. It symbolizes all the months of hard planning, the beginning of something new, and most importantly, the love shared between the two. Saving them, you’ll create a beautiful souvenir of this precious feeling so that, each time you look at it, those cherished moments will return.

Unique and Personalized Keepsakes: It’s a masterpiece designed to beautifully capture every detail, texture, and colour of your flowers. Imagine one of these displayed in your home—what a constant reminder of that “happily ever after” day. Preserved bouquets will make for the most unheard-of, unique family heirloom, one to be passed through the generations.

Variety of Preservation Techniques Available in Singapore: The good news is you are not married to one method. There are quite a number of different ways and methods to preserve food out there, most especially in Singapore, that one could adapt or use to their own benefit.

Popular Preservation Techniques in Singapore

Now, we will dive deeper into this unique world of wedding bouquet in Singapore preservation techniques. Here is a look at some popular methods offered by professional services and those that you can easily achieve by doing it yourself in Singapore.

Air Drying: The Simplest and Most Convenient Way

Air drying the bouquet is such a simple and inexpensive way to save your money. Here is the process:

Gathering Supplies: Some twine, scissors, and a cool, dry environment that is well-aerated with low humidity are the only requirements. It can be a dark room with open windows.

Preparing the Bouquet: First, remove any ribbons or decorations from your bouquet. Cut the stems of the flowers gently into a manageable length with the sharp scissors.

Hanging and Drying: Make sure your bouquet’s stems are equally spaced and tie the string around them tightly. Using a strong hanger or rope, hang the bouquet upside down in the spot of your choice.

Patience is Key: The process of drying the bouquet takes approximately two to four weeks, considering the size and type of flowers contained therein. Keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching the colour. Occasionally turn or spin the bouquet so that all sides will dry evenly.

Silica Gel Desiccation: Preserving Vibrant Colours

That is to say, if you worry for the sake of keeping the vibrancy of colours and the three-dimensional structure of your flowers, then preservation with silica gel may become the most appropriate answer for you. The following is the outline of the steps: 

The Power of Silica Gel: Flowers have been enclosed in silica gel for its ability to absorb moisture. Silica gel quickly extracts moisture from the blooms while preserving the flowers’ form and colour.

Where to Get: The product silica gel can be availed of by ordering from any leading craft shop in your locality or can be ordered online in Singapore. Try to get the floral-grade silica gel for better results.

Preparing the Container: Choose an airtight container large enough to accommodate your bouquet comfortably. Fill the bottom with a generous layer of silica gel.

Positioning of the Flowers: Carefully position the flowers inside the container such that they avoid touching each other. Around the blooms, fill any space with another layer of silica gel.

The Waiting Game: Depending on the size and kind of flowers, leave the container securely closed and let the blooms desiccate for three to seven days.

Freeze-Drying: Long-Lasting Beauty in 3D

Freezing is a very exotic and beautiful way to preserve the bridal bouquet delivery Singapore, with stunning results.

The Science Behind Freeze-Drying: The flowers are quickly frozen during the freeze-drying process; after which they are placed in a low-pressure setting. Through the process, almost all the moisture content is eliminated, leaving behind the cellular structure of the flower. In the end, it does look nearly as lively as the first day.

Finding Professional Services: There are a lot of preservation studios in Singapore, which offer services such as freeze-drying. Please look around and compare, and then decide which service to go for according to your budget and preference.

Cost: It is the most expensive of all preservation methods. However, with the great outcome and the fact that wedding flowers can be kept for a lifetime, many couples find it worth investing in.

Pressing Flowers: Creating Flattened Keepsakes

Press your wedding flowers. You can, of course, press your wedding flowers for an artsier, more crafty approach. You’ll be amazed at these beautiful blooms spread out into flattish shapes, perfect for creating your own keepsakes.

Pressing Process: Pressed flowers have a process to follow. There are two major methods of pressing flowers: using heavy books and pressing the flowers for a long time or using a special flower press that is intended for the flattening of flowers.

  • Heavy books: Arrange the flowers between sheets of absorbent paper such as parchment or blotting paper, arranging them into the design that you want. It is then to be pressed flat using several heavy books, which should be placed on top of the sheets of paper.
  • Press: The use of a flower press is controlled and confined. Arrange the blooms in the press according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. You will have to apply some gentle pressure by either tightening some straps or screws.

Pressing time could be sped up if considering the type of flower and thickness. A general estimate is a complete drying time of 1-2 weeks for the flowers.

Beyond the Press: When pressed, your flowers can find myriad uses. Some of them include wall art, either framed or not, greeting cards, and scrapbooking memories of your special day.

Additional Considerations for Singapore’s Climate

More so, this Singapore tropical climate with high humidity and warm temperatures can definitely throw your efforts of drying the wedding bouquet in Singapore out of bounds if caution is not handled. Here in the reminders for success in preservation:

Act quickly: The sooner the preservation process is begun, the better. Ideally, it would be within 24 hours after your wedding to minimize moisture loss and potential wilting.

Use the Right Method: Air drying might not be apt for all kinds of flowers, especially those that are very delicate. If at all in doubt, you can always take your doubts to a professional preservation service to advise on the best method for your bouquet.

Dehumidify: Depending on the choice of drying you make; one can think of applying a dehumidifier to the drying location. This will enhance the control of moisture levels and hence speed up the rate of drying.

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