10 Jobs That Sell During the Corona Pandemic

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The corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) has paralyzed the economic sector, resulting in unilateral layoffs or layoffs for several employees in affected industries or companies.

In addition to many companies going out of business, there are also companies that have to stop the recruitment process for their employees. As a result, many new graduates or fresh graduates find it difficult to find jobs.

However, it turns out that there are still some jobs that are actually being sold during the corona pandemic. Paradoxical as it may be, this profession provides a great opportunity to make money.

Here are 10 types of jobs that are still in demand and are worth a try in the midst of the corona pandemic.

1. Health Personnel

Of course, this profession is most needed to help patients infected with Covid-19. In fact, there are so many needs, the government has opened up opportunities for health volunteers to register, such as a volunteer nurse at the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital Kemayoran.

Helath Personel. Picture by Pixabay.com

Being a health worker as the frontline for Covid-19 must have sincere determination and strong will. The reason is, not a few of them have died due to exposure to the corona virus.

2. Private Teacher

Private teachers or special teaching staff are said to be very salable during the pandemic. After the government implemented learning at home, some parents felt pressured because they had to become academic teachers for their children at home.

With the presence of private tutors, at least lift the burden on parents a little. Because being a teacher with mastery of the material is not easy to do.

For those of you who have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education, there’s nothing wrong with trying to become a private tutor during corona.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic like today, of course, private teachers must comply with health protocols well, or if possible the face-to-face teaching system can be replaced by providing materials online.

3. Psychologist

Psychologists have an important role in providing solutions and ‘cooling the mind’ in the midst of a situation of psychological pressure in a society that is plagued by worries and people are stricken with Covid-19.

In the midst of massive media coverage of the growing number of corona patients, this for some people creates psychological weakness which results in a drop in health conditions.

In addition, boredom due to routine at home can cause stress on the mind. The presence of a psychologist is able to provide a place of meditation for people to complain about their concerns.

4. Goods and Food Courier

Online shopping statistics have skyrocketed since the government appealed to the public to stay at home. The increasing activity of online shopping has made many couriers overwhelmed by an increase in orders.

Courier. Picture by Pixabay.com

No doubt, if the shipping company recruits employees in large numbers to meet the prime standards of the expeditioner in on time delivery.

In addition, food couriers via online applications seem to be an option to fill job vacancies. Because in the midst of social restrictions imposed by the government, people meet their stomach needs by ordering food online.

Not to mention for people who are lazy to cook on their own due to the fulfillment of basic commodities, it is difficult to buy because Parno goes to the market or supermarket afraid of being exposed to the corona, for example.

5. E-commerce Staff

Several marketplaces or e-commerce such as Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak, Tokopedia, and many other marketplace startups require several staff, after increasing public orders in online shopping activities.

In this case, the fulfillment of marketing strategies and fulfillment of consumer needs related to distribution of product distributors is of course a special concern when there is a surge in consumers in times like this.

6. Freelancers

For freelance workers in the field of creative writing and design, it can certainly be an exciting place to make money. Given that the habit of working at home is not too shifted by the routine that was carried out even before the corona virus pandemic.

Some ordering services are also quite smooth if the work done by freelancers includes clients from within the country to abroad.

7. Programmer

Programmers also have pretty good job prospects amid the corona virus pandemic. With the rise of companies shifting the style of work from manual to digital because it is done remotely.

Programmer. Picture by Pixabay.com

So some companies need an integrated system that can make workflows easier, from data collection, online signatures to validating other files in seconds.

8. Public Accountant

The expertise of an accountant who is good at calculating and measuring the business growth of a company seems to be taken into account. Some companies also need accountant services to process data and project financial needs of the company in the future.

This is because the opinion expressed by the public accountant is considered more neutral than the auditor from the company where he worked.

Therefore, companies usually need someone to generally audit financial reports to reporting tax consequences in the midst of the corona virus pandemic like today.

9. Construction Workers

Even though it seems strange, who would have thought that on some trusted job portals, many construction-based companies are looking for workers with a civil engineering major.

Some of them are employed in a large building construction project to housing. However, it does not only require civil engineering qualifications, in this case porters are also much needed during a pandemic like today.

10. Cloth Mask Manufacturer

Along with government policies that require people to wear masks when outside the home, many mask entrepreneurs have been born to fulfill millions of community requests.

For job seekers who don’t have the qualifications or work experience in their field and haven’t got the desired job, they can try their luck by producing masks and selling them online.

After knowing the 10 professions that were in demand during the corona pandemic, job seekers can make this recommendation as an alternative to employment or simply increase income during the corona pandemic.

In addition, frequent updates on some credible job portals also provide a great opportunity for you to quickly land a suitable job.

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